Once upon a time...

Follow four young adventurers through terror, mystery, and friendship as they journey to become heroes of legend and lore!


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Francis Capra, Jennifer Kretchmer, Rachel Miner, and Omar Najam, with Dungeon Master TJ Storm

Art of four brightly-colored, magical, fantasy children.

The Series

Merging the worlds of Dungeons and Dragons and classic fairy tales, Monsters and Fables follows a party of lost heroes as they band together to battle mythic foes, explore frightful new lands, and become the stuff of legend. Veteran film and TV performers Rachel Miner, Francis Capra, Jennifer Kretchmer, and Omar Najam adventure through fantastic fictions woven by Dungeon Master TJ Storm.

A red, carved-wood DM screen with a dracolich on it.  It sits on a table near an axe.

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